One Source Automotive

What We Can & Can't Do

Mobile auto repair has a lot of advantages, such as making it much easier to schedule auto repairs and maintenance around your life instead of having to go through a bunch of hassle. However, there are limits on what can be realistically achieved in an on-the-spot situation. Here's a brief - and by no means complete - list of things we know we can and cannot do:


Please note that the "usually" below means that in a general sense we can or cannot do what we're saying we can or cannot do. There are exceptions, and we'll let you know up-front if we suspect there's going to be any issues, assuming of course that they're not surprises.


We (Usually) Can...

• ...Perform most forms of maintenance called for in a typical vehicle, such as oil changes, tire rotations, fluid exchanges, "tune ups" (this is in quotes because a "tune up" is an outdated term on a modern car), and so on. Generally speaking, if it involves a fluid and/or is a recommended service for 30,000 mile intervals or less, we can do those on-the-spot.

• ...Perform major maintenances such as timing belt replacements, water pump replacements, gasket and seal replacements, and so on.

• ...Replace CV axles, brake pads and rotors, ball joints, control arms (or just the bushings), tie rod ends, etc. etc. etc. Pretty much anything in the driveline, steering, and suspension is fair territory.

• ...Perform auto AC services. We're one of only a handful of mobile operations in the country that's both EPA-certified and set up for mobile automotive AC. We can do everything from basic services and leak checks all the way to major "dash-pull" style evaporator core replacements, and we can also do whole-system replacements for vehicles whose AC system has gone out completely.


We (Usually) Can NOT...

• ...Patch, plug, mount, or balance tires. Tire mounting/dismounting and balancing requires specialized equipment that doesn't travel well, and plugging a modern tire is only useful as an emergency measure to get you to a tire shop quickly/safely.

• ...Perform work that requires dealer-only tooling. Some manufacturers are very protective of their products and make it tough to even gain access to specialized tooling, and some diagnostic and testing procedures require tools that are only made available to dealers. We are extremely well equipped, though, so this is somewhat rare.