One Source Automotive

Frequently Asked Questions

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Warranties & Parts

Q: What's your warranty policy?

Q: What about customer-supplied parts? Will providing parts save me any money? (Or, I can get that part for cheaper from _store_/_website_ - can I get it myself?)

Q: I know that a part on the estimate is available for less money - why is the part so much more expensive?

Q: I had my vehicle diagnosed elsewhere and paid you to do the job they quoted, but it didn't fix my vehicle. What gives?


Permission To Work

Q: My HOA won't allow mobile auto repair at my home. What are my options?

Q: There's a shopping center near my home. Can I have you work on my car there?

Q: I asked my boss about having repairs done at work, but he/she is concerned about liability issues. What liability risks will my workplace face if I have auto repair work done there?


Adverse Conditions & Circumstances

Q: Since you're a mobile operation, what happens if it's raining/snowing/too hot/ too cold?

Q: What about hurricanes and tropical storms?

Q: I don't have a paved driveway, slab, etc. upon which to work on my car. Will this be a problem?

Q: I don't want to have a mess in my driveway. Can you work on my vehicle in the street?


Service Fees & Fuel Surcharges

Q: Can I bring my vehicle to you and save on the service call or fuel surcharge?

Q: How does the "block party" discount work?

Q: What happens if a job takes more than one day?

Q: What happens to the fuel surcharges if an appointment has to be rescheduled?



Q: What's all this about "illegal" mechanics?

Q: So what if my car fixing guy isn't legal - he's cheap. What's the worst that can happen?

Q: How do I know a shop is legal?

Q: I've heard of people that perform auto repairs in their yards being called "shadetrees" - what does this mean and does it indicate anything about their legal status?

Q: Can I save on sales tax if I pay in cash, split the invoice, or bring my own parts?