One Source Automotive

Welcome to One Source Automotive's website! We're the premiere choice for mobile auto repair, bringing a wealth of expertise and all of the skills and technology of a full-sized shop or even a dealership right to your home or workplace. When you need auto repair or maintenance work, and you want it done right the first time, we are your One Source!

Our usual answer to the question of what we do is: we fix darn near everything. But, to be more specific, we have a list of what we can and cannot do as a mobile auto repair operation. Also, be sure to look over our service agreement and our policies, requirements, and disclaimers, as we require that each customer read and sign off on these in order to satisfy folks like our insurance provider, the State of Florida, and whoever owns the property in the case of auto repair at a workplace. Then, to schedule an appointment, just give us a call or send us a text message or email and we'll get in touch to arrange to meet with you and your vehicle.


Hurricane & Tropical Storm Closures

Ah, Florida, the "Sunshine State" - aka hurricane central! Since we're a strictly mobile operation, if tropical weather systems pay us a visit we may be forced to batten down the proverbial hatches and let the storms pass. We don't mind getting a little wet but we do have to draw the line when we have to swim to the job. Severe weather generally may also force such a response, depending on the whys and wherefores, although these usually prompt a smaller delay.

If severe weather poses a problem we automatically contact any affected scheduled appointments to reschedule for after the weather passes. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding if this ends up happening to you!


Grab Our vCard!

If you have a QR code reader, aim it at this code to grab our vCard with contact information within. Or, if you're using a regular desktop computer, you can download our vCard directly.



Quick FAQ!

• Our normal scheduling times are 9AM-5PM Monday through Friday and 9AM-12PM on Saturday. Emergency/after-hours services may also be available (subject to both our and parts availability - bear in mind that we can't do much if we can't get the parts you need!) and there are additional fees for this.

• Our labor rate is $99.00 per flat-rate hour. We use industry-standard guides for determining labor times, and adjust those based on our experience with the vehicle (as sometimes the guides are woefully inaccurate). We present estimates as completely as possible, with itemized breakdowns of what and how much, and we try to give worst-case estimates as it's easier to plan around a big number that might decrease versus a smaller number that might increase.

• As per State Law, once we give you an estimate, we must obtain your approval if the final total for your work will exceed the estimate's total by 10% or $50, whichever is less. If your bill needs to increase you'll know about it in advance - no end-of-the-day surprises!

• We charge a minimum of $10 for diagnostic/inspection time, which includes an estimate for any repairs/maintenance your vehicle needs. If you need an on-the-spot quick check and catch us somewhere on the road, $10 it is. (We would love to do these for free but some people having the habit of taking undue advantage of freebies is why we can't have nice things.)

• We charge a service call fee for appointments, and this fee varies by location. For the current chart, please check our service agreement. Please note that if you have us perform work that totals $100 or more, we replace the service call fee with a fuel surcharge that's lower (usually half as much as the service call fee) - this is basically just to cover our fuel costs as a mobile operation.

• Take advantage of our "block party" discount: If two or more people schedule work for the same day/time at the same physical location (e.g., neighbors or coworkers), everyone splits the service call fee and/or fuel surcharges! We have to make a living, and we know you do too, so this is one way we can cover our rather annoying fuel costs while helping you afford quality auto work. So gather your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, etc. and everyone saves!